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Plywood Kids Table with Solid Sides - Formica Juicy Pink - 800(w) x 600(d) x 500(h)

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With ample space, our Kids Table with Solid Sides is perfect for arts and crafts, homework, or snack time with friends- it is a blank canvas for your child to decide the activity. The world is their oyster, and the quality of the construction means the table will withstand the journey!


Built in 24mm BB/BB Birch Plywood. Faces are laminated in the colour of your choice. All plywood edges are left exposed but sanded smooth and oiled with our own blend of Osmo oils, revealing the beauty of this elegant material.


Birch plywood is highly valued for its durability and versatility. The strength of this sustainable material results in furniture that will last for many years, making our products the perfect choice for the eco-conscious customer. Birch Plywood has a timeless aesthetic appeal, with its attractive grain patterns that add a natural character to any room.

Formica Juicy Pink

The statement Formica Juicy Pink colour is designed to uplift your spirits and unleash your creativity. This vibrant burst of energy will be the star of the show in any interior. It is a reminder to embrace creativity, embrace joy, and embrace the power of self-expression.

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