Forbo Faced Plywood

Elegant and Durable

Renowned for its elegance and durability, Furniture Linoleum radiates finesse and high quality.
Furniture Linoleum delivers a combination of a satin matte surface with a warm, fine texture creating interior furniture with a truly distinctive, genuinely individual look and feel that really is unlike any other surface material available.
Forbo desktop cut to shape


Soft to the touch 



Matte Finish 

Available in 21 colours


Resistant to diluted acids, oils, fats, and conventional solvents. (Not resistant to prolonged exposure to alkalis) 

Allergy approved 



Heat resistance - 70°C

Phthalate free Bacteriostatic properties. Forbo has conducted independent tests of their marmoleum products to prove that it inhibits bacteria such as MRSA and norovirus


  • All-natural composition
  • Manufactured using 100% renewable electricity
  • Forbo contains 28% recycled material by weight
  • It is biodegradable in a controlled environment
  • Net 0 carbon emissions from the extraction of raw materials
  • Marmoleum contains 72% rapidly renewable materials. i.e. they can be harvested within 10 years of planting
  • 2.5mm of every square meter produced relieves the environment of 446 grams of carbon dioxide.
  • After marmoleum’s long life it can be incarcerated or landfill – this process reclaims more energy than is used in its production

"My studio mates and I are in love. Can't believe we get to come and work here!"

Sarah H, London, Custom Plywood Tabletop

Where can I use Forbo?

We only recommend Forbo for desktops


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