Birch Plywood

Why do we love birch plywood furniture?

There’s a truth to natural plywood that is a big part of its appeal.
In raw form it showcases its honesty by revealing a lightly honeyed finish and at its most exposed, a layered composition.
By keeping the edges of the plywood exposed, we are displaying its most iconic feature.

FSC certified

All our plywood is FSC certified, meaning the wood materials are sourced from sustainably managed forests. 


We use BB/BB Birch commercial grade plywood in all of our products, which can be exposed to humidity without warping. Additionally, we use exterior glue to bond each layer of the plywood together to prevent the layers from breaking apart.


Our plywood is also finished with Osmo Oil (Our own blend of two types). This is a stain-resistant, water-repellent, and abrasion-resistant furniture oil that protects the plywood and results in a surface that is pleasant to the touch.

"Thanks for the last couple of pieces you did for us, we're really happy with everything you've done for us."

Made in Ply customer,
Custom Plywood Coffee Table with Hairpin Legs

The perfect tone of plywood retained

Natural and Protected

All of our natural plywood products are protected with our own special blend of Osmo Polyx Oils.*

This provides a super smooth protected matte finish and enables the natural shade of the ply to sing.

The oil can be reapplied as required thus future proofing your furniture.

*As of 01/08/22 we switched from Fiddies to Osmo. If you are a repeat customer then you can request oil to match previous order(s)

Tactile & Truthful Furniture

Nothing fancy, nothing fiddly; just raw, honest design.