Formica Faced Plywood

Beautiful and Durable

We use this premium high pressure laminate collection throughout our entire range of products. Featuring an unrivalled collection of plain colours, patterns and woodgrains combined with innovative textures for commercial environments, Formica is as beautiful as it is durable. 
Choose a fixed sized product on one of our ten most popular colours, or explore the Formica palette for your custom finish.


Formica Laminates are resistant to chemicals, water, scratches, and heat. Meaning this material can withstand a considerable amount of wear and tear whilst maintaining its condition 

The laminates have a matte finish. Due to the resin material, these surfaces have a slight shine / reflection in comparison to Forbo linoleum 

Does not colour fade

Does not scuff / mark 

Hard surface to the touch 

Available in a wide variety of colours, patterns, and wood effects 

Lightweight with good strength. 

Heat resistance – 130°C


As of 2020, Formica have switched to 100% renewable energy 

The primary material used to make Formica laminates is naturally occurring, responsibly sourced paper, which is then treated with resin 

The company has set carbon reduction targets to cut emissions by 25-50% by 2026 

"I love my new Formica table top. The 24mm ply has a lovely solid look and the Formica adds some colour to the kitchen."

Made in Ply customer, Custom Plywood Tabletop

Where can I use Formica?

Formica is a great choice for the use on any furniture, including the use of kitchens and bathrooms, due to the ease of maintenance, durability, practicality, and heat resistance. 

As with all wood, excessive exposure to moisture may result in warping /
discoloration of the surface (e.g., if the material is often saturated and poor
ventilation restricts the wood from drying). However, both the Formica colour
laminates, and the oiled birch plywood are water resistant.


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