Oak Plywood

Why do we love oak plywood furniture?

There is a timeless elegance to the Oak Plywood. Textural and warm, the darker wood is a wonderful choice for furniture.
By keeping the edges of the plywood exposed, we are displaying its most iconic feature.

The perfect tone of plywood retained

Natural and Protected

All of our natural plywood products are protected with our own special blend of Osmo Polyx Oils.*

This provides a super smooth protected matte finish and enables the natural shade of the ply to sing.

The oil can be reapplied as required thus future proofing your furniture.

*As of 01/08/22 we switched from Fiddies to Osmo. If you are a repeat customer then you can request oil to match previous order(s)


"Beautiful solid piece of furniture."

Kate R, Custom Oak Plywood Open Shelves

Tactile & Truthful Furniture

Nothing fancy, nothing fiddly; just raw, honest design.

oak plywood desk with solid sides