Finishes Explained

Birch Plywood

There is an essence of truth to our natural plywood products and the light tone of our natural Birch Plywood is serene and calming.

All of our natural plywood products are protected with our own special blend of Osmo Polyx Oils. This provides a super smooth protected matte finish and enables the natural shade of the ply to sing.

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Oak Plywood

The timeless aesthetic of our Oak Veneer Plywood creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in any interior.

The Oak Plywood is tactile and classic, and finishing our furniture with our own blend of Osmo oils ensures our products are durable.

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Formica-faced Plywood

With the highest heat, scratch, and mark resistance, we are confident that Formica can withstand just about any interior project that's thrown at it.

This material requires little maintenance or upkeep, ensuring its longevity. Additionally, the range of vibrant colours makes it the perfect choice regardless of your style preferences.  

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Fenix-faced Plywood

If you're after a luxury, quality aesthetic, Fenix laminates are the choice for you. With an ultra-matte finish, the material surface has anti-reflective properties to create a lavish and opulent atmosphere.

The matte finish also makes this material very tactile and smooth to the touch. Fenix laminates are an excellent choice for any furniture project due to their durability and anti-finger print quality. 

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Forbo Furniture Linoleum

Forbo-faced Plywood

We suggest the use of Forbo linoleum on desktops only. The all-natural composition of this material ensures it is rich with haptic qualities.

Forbo is a malleable material meaning it is softer to the touch than any of our other finishes, providing a sleek and smooth surface to work on. The hues range from calming and earthy, and with their eco credentials, Forbo Linoleum is a fantastic choice for your desktop.  

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Compare Finishes

Plywood Birch



Wood - Osmo Oil - Matte

Plywood Oak



Wood - Osmo Oil - Matte




Hard Laminate - Matte




Soft Linoleum - Dead Matte




Hard Laminate - Dead Matte
(Anti Fingerprint)

Exposed edges

Whether you opt for a colour finish or choose natural wood, we always keep the edges of the plywood exposed, proudly displaying the iconic feature of the layered wood.

No splinters

Our edges are sanded and chamfered which means no rough edges or splinters, resulting in a sleek and desirable product.

Why our Plywood is a sustainable choice

FSC certified

All our plywood is FSC certified, meaning the wood materials are sourced from sustainably managed forests. Purchasing FSC certified wood means you are protecting the environment against deforestation and illegal harvesting. The Forest Stewardship Council is committed to promoting sustainable use, conservation, restoration, and development of forests to ensure the production of material is responsible and replenishable.  

Efficient use of material

Instead of relying solely on solid timber, Plywood is created by layering thin sheets of wood veneer, which can be sourced from smaller, fast-growing trees. This process maximizes the utilization of the log and minimizes waste. The use of plywood reduces the demand for virgin timber, whilst ensuring the durability and natural aesthetic appeal of wood material is not compromised.  

Furniture made in UK

Our plywood furniture is designed and made in the UK. We personally deliver our products as much as we can and our delivery team work hard to ensure our delivery runs are as efficient as possible to reduce our emissions.