Custom Plywood Coffee Table with Hairpin Legs


Lead time: 3-6 Weeks

Product Description


A twist on a classic design, the Coffee Table with Hairpin Legs will be a striking addition to any room. The stylish hairpin legs carry a sense of charm which will uplift your space and with that, your spirits.


These hairpin legs stay true to the original hairpins designed by Henry Glass in the 1940s. The leg shape is a slimline flute and sits at a slightly reclined angle.

The legs are available in a wide range of finishes; Powder-coated paints for a sleek finish or a pop of colour. A contemporary real metal brass, copper or chrome and an almost invisible protective clear powder coat.

The 10mm classic legs can support up to 50kg. Upgrade to the 12mm heavy-duty legs for up to 100kg.

Product Details