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Our Guide to Forbo Furniture Linoleum - sustainable, durable & stunning.

Our Guide to Forbo Furniture Linoleum - sustainable, durable & stunning.

A natural surfacing material that we use to finish a lot of our custom designed furniture, there are many benefits to using Forbo Furniture Linoleum, so we’ve listed a few below in order to give you a helpful overview of this elegant and durable material:

  • Known as an elegant finishing option, with a satin matt finish and fine texture, you can select from a range of 21 attractive colours. See here

  • Due to its all-natural composition, this innovative material is naturally antistatic, giving Forbo Furniture Linoleum a practical advantage over other finishes - it remains hygienic and relatively unblemished too.

  •  Despite its silky matt finish and fine, warm texture, Forbo is incredibly durable. Hardwearing and extremely robust, its factory finish ensures the slightly elastic surface is protected from scratches and dents.

  • An eco-friendly option, Furniture Linoleum is made entirely from renewable, raw materials, so it’s not only sustainable but offers the best kind of environment at home with no harmful toxins.


Because of all these benefits, if you decide a Forbo finish is for you, we can assure the highest quality and longevity of your piece of custom designed furniture. Individual, stylish, timeless and tough, it’s the perfect option if you want to make a statement with both colour and design.

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