Plywood Spring style for the whole house

Plywood Spring style for the whole house
With the weather on the turn, can you say your home reflects the change in season? And does your furniture make you feel as joyous as the sunshine? 

If not, maybe it's time to invest in some fun furniture that fits, and that lasts. 

From bright kids desks to sunny sideboards, our Spring colours can be applied to all our products. Shop by space by clicking below, or view our products. Everything can be built in any bright colour, so the choices are limitless. 

Furniture to make you smile! 

Brighten every room in the house:

Living Spaces

Brighten your living space with wall-to-wall shelving, stand alone bookcases, TV units and open shelves. 


Don't let your hallway become a stress-inducing dumping ground, give every item a home and inject some fun furniture that fits!


Changing the door or drawer fronts is a quick and easy way to uplift your current kitchen, without investing in a complete refurb.

Home Office

Need some flexible furniture for working from home? Let that style lift you up and feel happy at home!


Furniture that fits -
the season, your style, your size. 


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