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Our guide to Custom Plywood Kitchens

Our guide to Custom Plywood Kitchens

Streamlined and hardwearing, a plywood kitchen is both a creative and practical option. Set it central stage in your kitchen renovation plans and you’ll end up with an aesthetic that’s modern and full of natural texture and warmth. 

We assume if you’ve landed here then you’re certainly considering opting for a stylish customised plywood kitchen, so here’s some of the benefits for you to consider:

  • A low maintenance material for a busy thoroughfare such as a kitchen space, plywood is moisture resistant and finished with a layer of hard wax oil which makes it even more durable, making it an ideal choice for cabinet fronts, worktops and skirting…and more.
  • Creatively, the sky’s the limit. Our CNC cutting allows us to cut exactly as per our drawings, and laminate in any colour.
  • Engineered and created by gluing layers of thin wood, compounded under high heat its not brittle like MDF or chipboard, it won't split or warp and is dense enough to withstand plenty of weight.
  • Its composition is a design feature in itself. The exposed edging, featuring layers of the slim, compacted wood adds texture and interest to any scheme.
  • Modern and minimal a plywood kitchen suits any design style; finish off with Formica laminate to add pops of colour or leave bare with cutout drawer pulls for a simple, paired-back feel.

Is plywood an expensive option?

A plywood kitchen is a cost-effective yet unique option. Upgrading an Ikea kitchen carcass with customised kitchen fronts for cupboards and drawers in natural or colour laminate means you’ll get a fabulous plywood kitchen at a much lower cost than a fully bespoke kitchen inside and out. We can drill holes exactly where you need them, which means you just need to attach to your carcass. Because of all the fantastic benefits of ply we’ve already mentioned; durability, water-resistance and sustainability to name but a few of its attributes, a plywood kitchen is a budget-friendly option that packs a punch in the style stakes too. 

…So what style and colour options are there?

There really are endless options in regards to creativity, plywood can be cut into any kind of kitchen style. Most commonly, many choose to keep it simple with flat doors and cut out handles. For those looking to inject colour into their scheme, you can finish your plywood kitchen doors with Formica Laminates which offer a wide range of colourways and a premium finish. And you don’t have to have one colour… Why not mix and match?

Which materials should I pair it with?

You can pair plywood with anything you like! 

Being a natural material it goes with anything. We’ve seen plywood paired in the most beautiful way layered up with other natural elements, such as concrete, sandstone and slate…matched with these materials it looks very refined. Paired with a luxurious material such as marble and accented with shiny metal hardware - brass or chrome - and you’ve got yourself a seriously swoon-worthy scheme.

What about worktops?

Furniture grade birch plywood, made to order and with a range of finishes, we offer a natural finish with faces and edges sanded, smoothed and oiled, or opt for a laminated finish with the faces laminated and the edges sanded, smoothed and oiled. Both options are practical, hardwearing and stylish. Remember, we can cut holes for hobs and sinks. Just send us a drawing and we’ll do the rest!

Need help?

If you’re in need of some support with your project, why not try our Design Service? Create your dream space by working step-by-step with an in-house architect from wherever you are in the UK. It’s a free 15 minute consultation and our expert can advise on every stage of the design process. Once you’ve paid a deposit, he is then your personal designer. You’ll work together on your plans and ensure every detail is perfect prior to production. 

Plus, we’re working hard to reduce our lead times, so a custom plywood kitchen could be yours in a matter of weeks. 

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