Introducing the 3D Configurator

Introducing the 3D Configurator

Our brand new 3D configurator is live. This intuitive tool provides a unique, virtual shopping experience, allowing you to customise your product in 3d view. 

Change the size and swap out the face colours, all while seeing a responsive price calculated there and then.   

As well as changing the colour, width, depth and height, you can get granular across all of our products to create a unique piece of furniture, built to your exact specifications. For example, add cable management, cut outs or holes in desks, add more openings to our shelving units, and change cupboards to sliding doors on storage systems.  

This is just a small example of the wide scope of possibility our 3d configurator offers, and the responsive quote ensures you’re happy with all aspects of your custom made furniture before you finalise the design.  

Pick the product you desire from our online catalogue, then click on the 3d icon to bring up the configurator. 

Simple, straightforward design and ordering at Made In Ply. 

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