Work From Home In A Bespoke Home Office

Work From Home In A Bespoke Home Office

Starting your own business is an exciting time. It can also raise challenges - some expected, some unforeseen. Designing your bespoke home office to house your new business should not be one of those challenges. Instead, creating a bespoke home office should be one of the more exciting tasks. You’re finally setting up on your own and you need a space to house your independent venture.

The first place to start is where to situate said venture. Which part of the house is best suited to housing your new home office furniture? It may be that you don’t have much choice. Perhaps the only spare corner of the building is behind the sofa bed, squashed between the clothes to be ebay-ed and the cat’s litter tray. Or maybe your only option is to take out the cupboard under the stairs and install a custom built home office desk. Whatever your space limits, rest assured there will be a bespoke furniture design to accommodate your home office requirements, even if it needs hinge on the wall and raised out of sight when the in-laws stay. 

Once you have chosen your office space, you then need to decide what needs go in it. A home office desk is probably essential, even if it is simply a desk for a small space on which to rest your laptop. You will then need to consider what office desk accessories will be most useful to your design. Cable management will keep a desk tidy, which is key if your office does double up as the guest room. Shelving or a home office storage unit is another essential, so you have somewhere to house files or materials. Decide on how much storage you will need, and your bespoke furniture design can allow for it all. Shelving can be made to measure within your home office design, so you can get wall-to-wall plywood shelving if necessary. This is perfect for maximising space, especially if your bespoke home office design is going under the stairs. 

Once you have completed your bespoke furniture design, it’s time to think about colour. What atmosphere are you looking to create within your bespoke plywood home office? If you’d like your home office to be a serene place of calm, consider whites and muted egg colours. For an edgier contemporary home office design, perhaps if your new business is design based, think about opting for real plywood home office furniture. Using all plywood to create your bespoke home office furniture is bold, beautiful, and very on trend. If you’d like an interior scheme that is inspirational or motivating, choose a bold colour such as yellow to raise a smile every time you sit down to work. Finally, if you will be welcoming clients into your home office, why not choose colours to match your company logo? 

The options for creating your bespoke home office design are huge. You can literally think outside of the box and a designer will interpret your ideas using your measurements to create your very own unique bespoke home office furniture in the colour way of your choice. So although there are many aspects to setting up your own business at home that are challenging and arduous, designing your own home office layout is not one of them. This is an exciting time, so it’s time to build an environment you’ll be excited to work in.

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