How to use the Examples page

How to use the Examples page

As clients can customise our products in a variety of ways, it might feel overwhelming knowing where to start when designing furniture to fit your needs.

That’s where our examples page comes into its own.

Browse the variety of past orders to see how adding more shelves, changing door fronts, and combining colours, alters the base product entirely. Select an example to view the dimensions and specifications, then click to start with that design. You can tweak the product as necessary, and view your unique idea in our 3d configurator.

A great example of how to tweak a base product is Example Number 1691. The client of this Custom Plywood Bench Seat with Storage has adapted our design to create a practical and stylish bench. Great in a hallway or entrance, the natural plywood exterior with yellow dividers makes a unique and functional piece.

Example Number 1585 is classified as Custom Plywood Storage with Sliding Doors, yet the protruding shelf offers an effective desk space. This is an innovative example of how to create a work zone and storage in a limited space.

In contrast, Example Number 1082 shows how we can make a corner desk to fit a large space. Built in a sleek grey, the desk has ample storage with under the desk drawers and cupboards.

If you like coloured furniture, Example Number 1729 shows how you might mix and match. With a white desk top and orange legs, the client has created a bespoke Custom Plywood Desk with Plywood Legs to suit their tastes. Another example is Number 1695, where the client opted for a black Plywood Desk Top on copper Hairpin Legs.

These are just some ways previous clients have tweaked our products to create a bespoke piece of furniture made to fit their space and style. Browse our examples page and find a base design from which you too can build a unique and personal product:

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