How to Make Your Home Happier

How to Make Your Home Happier

One of our mottos at Made in Ply is ‘Build your home happy.’ We believe the spaces in which we reside have the power to pump up our spirits and alter our outlook, so we thought we’d share some simple tips on how to uplift your mood with a few home tweaks . . .



  1. If you’re anything like me, lighting scented candles feels like an act of self care and decadence, especially when I’m alone in the kitchen, cooking up a treat with my fav tunes on. Or what about when watching a rom com or soaking in a bubblebath? Opt for a seasonal spring fragrance to rejuvenate and inspire. You can certainly get spendy when it comes to designer candles, but lots of High St chains and supermarkets now have fabulous offerings at a lower price point. 

  2. Uplift your lounge with a new cushion or blanket. The temperature might be rising outside, but this is the UK and the blanket days are not behind us yet. Investing in a new cushion or two, or a heavenly soft blanket, is a personal treat that will lift your living space with minimal outlay. Add some pops of colour or perhaps an inspiring slogan to that throw piece, and let your personality shine through your soft furnishings.

  3. Change your handles. Add tiny bursts of colour and a heap of intrigue to your tired cupboards and drawers by replacing the handles. Go bright and bold or sleek and minimal, comedic or on trend. There are loads of unique offerings on the market, meaning you can get as creative as your imagination will allow.

  4. If upgrading your door handles is not enough, what about upgrading your entire door fronts? Uplift a wardrobe, hallway cabinet, or even all the kitchen fronts. Mix and match colours for the ultimate reimagining of a space, or keep it neutral with one natural tone throughout such as a beautiful pale birch plywood.    

  5. Don’t be a dull doormat! Sometimes the things we tread on everyday go unnoticed. Switching up your welcome mat for something that will make you smile is a great way to bring some happy into your home. Again, there are some brilliant door mats available for every price point and every style. Personally, I love a rainbow or bright smile to welcome me home at the end of a hard day.

  6. Change your bedding. Most of us sleep in our beds every night, and yet how often do we think about changing our bedding? Or even the entire bed frame? New bedding feels like the ultimate luxury and with a relaxed and contented you, surely that will lead to a good nights sleep? Looking past the bedding, does your bed still fit with your space? And could you be making better use of the bed for extra storage? Upgrading your bed is a fab way to give yourself a treat, and why not look at the bedside tables while you’re there? Our Made in Ply bedside tables are fully customisable, meaning you can add uplifting colours and useful cutouts, to create furniture that fits your style and needs.

  7. Get inspired with some inspirational snaps. Whether you pin your treasured cards and photo memories to a cork board, or frame a favourite print, adding some colour to the walls with meaningful tokens is a sure-fire way to inspire gratitude. Choose images that are guaranteed to make you smile, and take you right back to a happy time.

  8. Make your work space a place of inspiration. Maybe you can add a bright coloured desk or ensure your shelving and storage still fits your needs. Maximise on your space by ensuring every nook works for you, with a colour and design that you cannot wait to work in.


Whatever your taste, focus on bringing the happy to your home this spring with just a few alterations. Uplift your home, your mood and thus, your life.

If you’d like advice on how to uplift your home, why not book a free 15-minute chat with our designer? We can chat through your furniture vision, and even offer helpful suggestions and advice. Click to read more about our design service or get in touch with our friendly team.


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