How to decide on your furniture finish

How to decide on your furniture finish

With Custom Furniture, the options can feel endless and overwhelming, so we’ve put together some key pointers to help you decide which is the right finish for your product.

Formica Laminates

An economic, highly durable matte product. With a high heat, scratch, and mark resistance, Formica laminate is a smart choice for any furniture project including kitchens and bathrooms, because of its durability and water resistance. This material is easy to clean, requiring little maintenance or upkeep, ensuring its longevity. Additionally, the wide range of available colours makes it the perfect choice regardless of your style preferences. 

View Formica range and order samples here

Forbo Linoleum

The all-natural composition of this eco-conscious material ensures it is rich with haptic qualities. Forbo is a malleable material meaning it is softer to the touch than any of our other finishes, providing a sleek and smooth surface to work on. We suggest the use of Forbo linoleum on desktops only. 

View Forbo range and order samples here

Natural Finish

Here at Made in Ply, we believe that the honesty and quality of our plywood can speak for itself. The timeless aesthetic of both our Birch Plywood and Oak Veneer Plywood, creates an inviting atmosphere in any interior. Whether you opt for the light and natural Birch, or the warmer tone of the Oak Veneer, there is an essence of truth in the natural finishes, that speaks volumes to our quality and craftsmanship. We finish all our furniture with our own blend of Osmo oils to ensure our products are durable and smooth to the touch.

Read more about our natural Birch finish and order samples here

Read more about our natural Oak finish

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Fenix Laminates

A high-quality, anti fingerprint, ultra-matte product. If you're after a luxury, quality aesthetic, Fenix laminates are the choice for you! With their ultra-matte finish and varied yet elegant colour palette, these laminates are guaranteed to elevate your space. The material surface has anti-reflective properties to create a lavish and opulent atmosphere, the matte finish also makes this material very tactile and smooth to the touch. Fenix laminates are an excellent choice for all products including kitchens.

View Fenix range and order samples here

We hope these pointers give a little guidance as to which finish might be best for your custom furniture piece or project. As always, we are on hand to help should you have any questions, simply get in touch with our friendly team.

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