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5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Christmas Table

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Christmas Table

'Tis the season to gather around a beautifully adorned table and create lasting memories with loved ones. At Made in Ply, we believe that every detail matters when it comes to designing the perfect Christmas table. With our minimalist, functional, and bespoke approach, we are here to inspire you with 5 essential tips that will elevate your festive celebrations to new heights.

  • 1. Choose a Suitable Table

  • Half the fun of the festive season is for everyone to cosy up, shoulder-to-shoulder with their nearest and dearest. But being too squished can lead to overheating and pink champagne cheeks. With our range of Custom Plywood Tables, we build to your exact measurements allowing you to maximise on space, and even get the perfect bench to match. Choose a festive colour like green or red, or why not go for a neutral natural birch or white that will fit the whole year through

  • 2. Embrace Nature with Organic Centerpieces

    Bring the essence of the season to your table by incorporating natural elements into your centerpieces. Gather pinecones, twigs, or holly branches to create a rustic and earthy ambiance. 

  • 3. Don't Forget the Perfect Dinnerware

    Invest in dinnerware that reflects your style and enhances the overall aesthetic of your table. Opt for minimalist yet tasteful designs that will stand the test of time such as plain ceramic plates and fine glassware that will undoubtedly impress your guests and elevate the dining experience.

  • 4. Illuminate the Ambiance with Thoughtful Lighting

    Lighting sets the mood and creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Enhance the festive spirit with the warm glow of candlelight and add a touch of sophistication to your table. Choose unscented candles in festive colours to create a magical ambiance that will enchant your guests and make this Christmas unforgettable.

  • 5. Personalize with Place Cards and Napkin Rings

    Add a personal touch to each place setting with bespoke place cards and napkin rings. Take inspiration from our founder's journey from architect to furniture designer and create small works of art that double as keepsakes for your guests. Incorporate natural materials like wood or sustainable fabrics, making thoughtful treasures that will make your guests feel truly special.

  • At Made in Ply, we are passionate about improving lives through good design, and we hope these tips inspire you to craft a Christmas table that will be remembered for years to come.
    Cheers to a festive celebration filled with warmth, love, and exceptional design!

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