Why Plywood?

We love plywood...

Beautiful, durable

With its warm tone and tough form, plywood is the perfect material to stand up to the demands of our furniture that fits.

Highest Grade FSC rated Birch Plywood

Malleable and Strong

Beautiful and Warm

Endless Possibilities

Natural Custom Plywood Furniture

At Made in Ply, we love to leave the plywood natural. But that doesn't mean it's left raw. We sand, oil and chamfer the plywood, leaving you with a beautiful finish that retains the original colour and lets the furniture sing...

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Need more convincing?

Plywood offers a clean aesthetic and attractive appearance

Durable and tough, unlike MDF or chipboard it doesn’t split or warp

There’s an honesty to the material; in its raw form it’s simple and beautiful

The core composition is a design feature in itself; keep the edging exposed

"The product itself is very high quality, fantastically well engineered and finished."

Andy S, Kent, Custom Plywood Desk

Bringing plywood visions to life since 2015...

Are you a convert yet?

Explore our pre-designed Custom Plywood Furniture range and let the products do the talking.