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Custom Plywood L Shape Desk with Solid Sides

Left / Right: R
Top Material: Laminated Plywood White
Legs Material: Laminated Plywood Chrome Yellow
Thickness (mm): 36
Width A (mm): 2940
Width B (mm): 1340
Depth A (mm): 600
Depth B (mm): 600
Leg Height (mm): 800
Support Panel Height (mm): 150
Shape A: Round Holes
Diameter (mm) A: 54
Positions A: Left & Centre & Right
Shape B: Round Holes
Diameter (mm) B: 54
Positions B: 1 x Other
Cable Hole Custom Option B: 1 no. at the end & 1 no. equidistant between the previous and at the end of the other desk
Feet Type: Adjustable Feet
Fixtures: 22 x Festool Domino Connector - Small
Add Notes: Please can the support panel be white finish to match the top Can the cable holes be rebated 18mm so that you could supply blanks to fill the holes in 18mm ply white finish to match ?

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