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Custom Plywood Table with Solid Sides x3

Top: Other
Laminate Brand / Code: Formica 7940
Legs: Other
Laminate Brand / Code #2: Formica 7940
Thickness (mm): 18
Width (mm): 3600
Depth (mm): 1500
Leg Height (mm): 740
Support Panel Height (mm): 150
Shape: Round Holes
Diameter (mm): 54
Positions: Eq-Eq-Eq-Eq
Number of Cable Trays: 2
Cable Tray Size (mm): 410
Cable Tray Colour: Silver
Feet Type: 4 x Adjustable Feet
Fixtures: 60 x Festool Domino Connector - Small
Add Notes: Our power supply will be coming from a panel in the floor by the centre of the table. Just wondering if there is a gap or holes drilled in the support legs for the cables to get to the trays/cable holes at the 2 ends? Also does it come with the legs unattached? As it will only fit in our building if they are separate on arrival. Thank you!

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