Custom Shelves



Custom Plywood Open Shelves

Frame: Laminated Plywood Yellow 004
Dividers: Natural Plywood
Thickness Frame (mm): 24
Thickness Dividers (mm): 18
Width (mm): 1284
Depth (mm): 400
Height (mm): 1284
Number of Horizontal Dividers: 2
Number of Vertical Dividers: 2
Feet Type: Trolley Wheels
Assembly Service?: Assembly Service 0-1hr
Add Notes: We want the shelves to be 400x400x400 cubes, also we're not 100% about the yellow, we've ordered a sample, can review the colour before it comes. The shelves will be free standing and accessed from both sides so must be finished to look good on both sides, we'd also like to ask if the fixings can all be aligned to on side as one side will go up against a wall so it will be less visible, these are basically being used as room divider storage.

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