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Custom Plywood Base Cabinet Frame with Doors & Drawers

Frame: Laminated Plywood White 006
Back: Natural Plywood
Shelf: Laminated Plywood White 006
Door Fronts: Laminated Plywood White 006
Drawer Fronts: Laminated Plywood White 006
Width (mm): 500
Depth (mm): 400
Height (mm): 890
Number of Shelves: 2
Shelve(s) Positions: Adjustable
Number of Drawers: 1
Drawer Front Handles: Grab Handle Top
Drawer Runners: Blum Movento Runners with Soft Close
Number of Doors: 1
Door Handles: Grab Handle Side
Hinges: Blum Clip Top Bluemotion Hinges (Soft Close)
Fixtures: 12 x Festool Domino Connector
Add Notes: Please can this unit have Ikea Capita feet 80-90mm, like the other unit?

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