Custom Storage



Custom Plywood Storage with Doors

Frame: Natural Plywood
Back: Natural Plywood
Shelf: Natural Plywood
Door Fronts: Laminated Plywood Grey 004
Thickness Frame (mm): 18
Shelve(s) Thickness (mm): 18
Thickness Back Panel (mm): 6.5 (Back to Wall)
Width (mm): 450
Depth (mm): 670
Height (mm): 626
Number of Shelves: 1
Shelve(s) Positions: Adjustable
Number of Doors: 1
Door Position: Inset to Frame
Door Handles: Hole Side
Hinges: Blum Clip Top Bluemotion Hinges (Soft Close)
Feet Type: Hairpin Feet
Hairpin Size: 100mm
Hairpin Colour: Black
Fixtures: 12 x Festool Domino Connector
Add Notes: Internal shelf to allow 360mm gap between bottom of shelf and internal face of the base of the cabinet. Hinge to be on right hand side cabinet and finger hole to be on left hand side.

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I attach a photo of the furniture in real use rather than tarted up. It is basically now my home office as an academic, so lectures and tutorials are going on through all of that tech on the table. It may look weird, but it works well.

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