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Custom Plywood Desk with Plywood Legs

Top: Natural Plywood
Material Legs: Natural Plywood
Thickness (mm): 24
Width (mm): 1300
Depth (mm): 500
Leg Height (mm): 558
Shape: Round Holes
Diameter (mm): 72
Positions: Centre
Number of Cable Trays: 1
Cable Tray Size (mm): 815
Cable Tray Colour: Black
Feet Type: Adjustable Feet
Add Notes: Add an extra shelf above the long-width of the desktop, at the far-end, in the following dimensions: • Height: 170mm • Depth: 150mm • Width: 1200mm (the full width of the desk) Add four vertical support pieces for the shelf (avoiding the 72mm-diameter cable-hole in the desktop). Add two 18mm-diameter cable-holes in the extra shelf, 300mm from the 150mm sides, near to the 1200mm far edge. Many thanks - Nick Skinner 0791 340 7277
Fixtures: 16 x Festool Domino Connector

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Many thanks for the custom ply table which is now fully assembled.
It is very strong and extremely well made and fits into the studio perfectly - an instant success.
Thank you for the table and excellent customer service throughout. 

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