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Playroom Ideas for Small Spaces

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When it comes to creating a playroom for your little ones, you don't need a large space to make it fun and functional. With a little creativity and some smart storage solutions, even the smallest of spaces can be transformed into a delightful playroom. Here at Made in Ply, we've got some great ideas to help you maximize your playroom's potential, no matter its size.


1. Utilize Vertical Space

When floor space is limited, think vertically! Install fun, bright coloured box shelves (pictured) to store toys, books, and art supplies. Wall-mounted storage not only keeps the floor clutter-free but also makes it easier for kids to access and put away their belongings.


bright colour box wall storage kids room


2. Choose Multi-functional Furniture

Opt for furniture that serves multiple purposes. A storage trunk can double as seating and a place to stash toys. A desk with built-in storage can be used for arts and crafts, as well as for storing supplies. Multi-functional furniture helps you make the most of your space while keeping the room tidy.

At Made in Ply, our popular storage trunks and desks with storage are popular with people looking for children's bright coloured furniture. Customising your design means you can choose a colour that suits your space and child's personality. 


bright colour storage trunk


3. Create Zones

Divide the playroom into different zones for various activities. Designate a cozy corner for reading with a small bookshelf and some floor cushions. Set up a mini arts and crafts station with a compact table and art supplies. Use a small rug or floor mat to define each area visually.


bright colour kids desks


4. Incorporate Custom Storage Boxes 

Storage boxes are your best friends when it comes to organizing a small playroom. Use them to store Lego, games, and other playroom essentials. Create custom sized boxes that fit your shelves or can be easily tucked away under a table or bed when not in use. 


custom plywood storage boxes


5. Keep It Simple

Finally, remember that less is often more when it comes to a small playroom. Avoid overcrowding the space with too many toys or bulky furniture. Rotate toys regularly to keep the room fresh and engaging without overwhelming the space.


bright colour bookshelf for kids


With these playroom ideas for small spaces, you can create a fun and organized area for your children to play, learn, and grow. At Made in Ply, we believe that with a little ingenuity and the right, custom-built storage solutions, you can transform any small space into a delightful playroom your kids will love.


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