Need to give your surroundings a face-lift?

Need to give your surroundings a face-lift?

We’ve spent more time in our homes than ever before, and many of us are realising a home face-lift is long overdue. A full renovation can be a daunting prospect, but have you considered that impactful changes need not be drastic? Upgrading a furniture piece or two might just be enough to inject some fresh zest into a tired room. 

At Made in Ply, we can help. 

Our plywood furniture products maximise space, and there are endless possibilities as to how our furniture can complement your current living space. To give you some examples, we can configure our storage options to create a wall-to-wall TV / entertainment station. We can use open shelves as a room divider, or how about adding some pops of colour with made-to-measure shelves?

In the kitchen, changing out the door fronts on your current carcass is an effective and easy way to update the style, making no mess. Maintain your current worktop to keep costs down, but what about adding wall-to-wall shelves? Open shelves in a kitchen create a vogue look and can really open up a space. 


Maybe you’d like to add some box storage into a child’s room as this example shows, or build them a new desk in their favourite colour? In your own room, what about maximising storage space with a wall-to-wall fitted wardrobe? We build our products to your exact specification, so we can allow for skirting boards, awkward pillars and such. 


Upgrading a space can be effortless and rewarding when you consider the wide-ranging possibilities of our pre-designed products. Have a browse through our base designs, look through how clients have used our productsthen let your imagination run wild with configurations. Or why not book a FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION with our in-house designer, and let them guide you on your new furniture lay out?


Uplift your home; uplift your life.


No more compromise. 

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